• Interview chronicles the maturation of the pioneering infection control company into a well-funded commercial entity launching its flagship product 

December 22, 2020 (San Diego, CA) – AseptiScope, Inc., a privately funded San Diego, California-based clinical innovation company, announced that Scott Mader, company President and CEO, is featured in the latest issue of CEOCFO Magazine.  In a wide-ranging interview, Mr. Mader discusses the founding and financing of the company, the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of its flagship stethoscope hygiene product, The DiskCover System, and the company’s plans for expansion in the infection control landscape at home and abroad.   

Our mission is to elevate infection protection for both clinician and patient through market-driven innovation,” said Mr. Mader. “Despite the increased vigilance of infection control, healthcare acquired infections remain a daunting challenge.  The gaps in our infection control protocols and practices, including the absence of practical and effective stethoscope hygiene options, undermine these efforts,” Mader added.  

The DiskCover System (www.diskcover.com) is the first and only touch-free stethoscope barrier dispensing system.  The System dispenses single-use aseptic disk covers that are proven to protect patients from exposure to harmful pathogens and contaminants on the stethoscope diaphragm without compromising the acoustics critical for accurate diagnoses.  The compact DiskCover Dispenser, designed to be mounted in or near hand hygiene stations in the clinical setting, applies individual disk covers instantly, minimizing workflow disruption while encouraging clinician compliance.  The DiskCover Dispenser is uniquely designed to ensure each stethoscope exam is always aseptic, and is the first workflow compatible option, optimizing compliance.

In November we announced the introduction of The DiskCover System in the United States.  Now, just a few weeks into our commercial availability, we are seeing our System adopted increasingly in institutions across the country,” Mr. Mader stated. “We look forward now to an exciting 2021, a year in which we will see continued commercial growth for The DiskCover System in the US, our first international commercialization effort, and the unveiling of our next infection control innovation,” Mader concluded.

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About AseptiScope, Inc.
AseptiScope, formed in early 2016, is a privately funded San Diego, California based, clinical innovation company. The company is founded and led by clinical innovation experts, leading medical researchers and practicing physicians. The AseptiScope mission is to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize novel solutions that offer “Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient.”  The company has now launched the first true and practical solution for the longstanding challenge of stethoscope contamination: The DiskCover System.  Visit www.diskcover.com for more information or https://store.aseptiscope.com to purchase directly.

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