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We provide Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient with novel aseptic solutions. If you are a clinician, we are dedicated to making infection control fast and simple. If you are a patient, we are here to protect you.  We are driven to bring innovative and validated solutions that lower the risk of contamination and infection in healthcare systems.

The DiskCover™ System, our flagship product, is an evidence-based solution for the longstanding, unaddressed, and increasingly prominent threat of stethoscope contamination.

In addition to the DiskCover System, a broader line of infection prevention innovations are in development.  Subscribe and follow AseptiScope for ongoing updates!


AseptiScope Inc., is a privately funded San Diego based company founded in 2016 and led by clinical innovation experts, leading medical researchers, and practicing physicians.  The company’s leadership includes a seasoned team with a successful track record of working together to deliver blockbuster product introductions of clinically proven therapeutics and technologies.

AseptiScope is driven to bring forward novel solutions that ensure “Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient.”


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A New Medical Milestone

The Conundrum

  • Used more than 5.5 billion times annually in the U.S. alone, and rightfully named “the clinician’s third hand,” the stethoscope is the most frequently utilized medical tool in the world1.
  • When cleaned, stethoscopes usually retain microbes – moreover, only 4% of stethoscope cleaning conforms with CDC guidelines2.
  • Unclean stethoscopes put patients at risk for hospital acquired infections.
  • Nearly every medical product that comes into contact with patients has an effective infection protection solution – except the stethoscope…until now.

Introducing The DiskCover System


  • Ensures touch-free aseptic application
  • State-of-the-art sensor technology
  • Intuitive, requires no formal training
  • Easy to install
  • Uses three (3) C-cell batteries


  • Houses 420 single-use disk covers
  • Preserves aseptic environment through point-of-care
  • Quickly and easily replaced


  • Robust and effective infection barrier
  • Acoustically invisible1
  • Safe for patients and stethoscopes
  • Peel-off tab for easy removal


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News regarding AseptiScope, the DiskCover System, and stethoscope contamination is increasingly visible in the clinical community. The prevalence of poor stethoscope hygiene and resultant contamination reveal significant gaps in infection prevention that the DiskCover System will help to address.

New Article in CardioPulse Reveals a Case of Probable Patient-to-Provider…


The stethoscope, while offering profound clinical utility, may have served as a vector for COVID-19 virus transmission. The AseptiScope™ DiskCover™ System, a new and innovative touch-free diaphragm barrier dispenser, offers a ray of hope for stethoscope hygiene and infection protection. October 14, 2020 San Diego, CA – A new CardioPulse article1 entitled “The Stethoscope: A…

AseptiScope™ Recognized for Innovative Stethoscope Hygiene Technology


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, AseptiScope Receives MedTech Outlook’s 2020 Infection Control Company of the Year Award for its Innovative Stethoscope Hygiene Technology August 26, 2020 San Diego, CA – AseptiScope, a privately funded San Diego, California based, clinical innovation company, has been named the 2020 Infection Control Company of the Year by MedTech Outlook.   “AseptiScope is pleased…


AseptiScope is a privately held company with funding and support from a network of investors. The organization is strategically positioned to introduce novel and innovative technology aimed at Infection Prevention for Clinician & Patient. Its flagship product takes aim at healthcare-associated infections, specifically stethoscope contamination, and the significant risks to patients, healthcare workers, and healthcare systems. The company’s DiskCover System is technology that disrupts the traditional patient examination by stethoscope with a highly visible and effective infection barrier – filling a technology gap that is widened by the COVID-19 pandemic. There is currently no other automated, touch-free, and clinically proven system available to the healthcare community.


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