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New Article in CardioPulse Reveals a Case of Probable Patient-to-Provider COVID-19 Transmission by Stethoscope in the Clinical Setting

The stethoscope, while offering profound clinical utility, may have served as a vector for COVID-19 virus transmission. The AseptiScope™ DiskCover™ System, a new and innovative touch-free diaphragm barrier dispenser, offers a ray of hope for stethoscope hygiene and infection protection. October 14, 2020 San Diego, CA – A new CardioPulse… READ MORE

AseptiScope™ Recognized for Innovative Stethoscope Hygiene Technology

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, AseptiScope Receives MedTech Outlook’s 2020 Infection Control Company of the Year Award for its Innovative Stethoscope Hygiene Technology August 26, 2020 San Diego, CA – AseptiScope, a privately funded San Diego, California based, clinical innovation company, has been named the 2020 Infection Control Company of the Year by… READ MORE

American Journal of Medicine Article Highlights the Promise of Aseptic Barriers for Stethoscope Hygiene in the COVID-19 Era

The stethoscope has come under scrutiny as a vector for infection, particularly with the emergence of COVID-19 A novel, aseptic barrier system from AseptiScope™ prevents pathogen transmission  June 29, 2020 San Diego, California – An article in the new issue of The American Journal of Medicine highlights the practical and symbolic importance of the stethoscope… READ MORE

San Diego Start-up and UC San Diego Researchers Announce Study Results of Infection Control Technology to Eliminate Stethoscope Pathogen Transmissions

February 5, 2020, San Diego, CA. – AseptiScope, Inc. and clinical researchers from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine announce study results that confirm aseptic medical grade barriers, when applied to stethoscopes before clinical examinations, eliminate patient exposure to harmful bacteria, including the superbug MRSA.  In the… READ MORE

AseptiScope Appoints Tom Watlington as Chief Commercial Officer in Preparation for the Launch of the Innovative DiskCover System™ for Stethoscope Decontamination

October 1, 2019, San Diego, CA. – In advance of the 2020 launch of its novel system to reduce stethoscope contamination, AseptiScope, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Watlington as Chief Commercial Officer. Tom, a highly regarded leader in the biotech start-up community and serial entrepreneur, has… READ MORE

Stethoscope cleaning needs to be promoted as much as handwashing in the healthcare environment

A new study demonstrates that practitioner stethoscopes are contaminated by a plethora of bacteria, including organisms that may be associated with nosocomial infections. Importantly, cleaning reduces contamination but does not bring the bacterial biomass down to the level of clean stethoscopes. The important findings of this study were reinforced in… READ MORE

Contemporary Stethoscope Cleaning Practices: What We Haven't Learned in 150 years

“Health care-associated infections (HAIs) post a significant danger to hospitalized patients. In 2011, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that there were 75,000 inpatient deaths…” Reference: David Boulée, MPAS, Sarathi Kalra, MD, MPH, Alison Haddock, MD, FACEP, T. David Johnson, PhD, W. Frank Peacock, MD, FACEP,… READ MORE

Observation of Stethoscope Sanitation Practices in an Emergency Department Setting

“Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), or infections acquired while receiving care within a medical facility, pose a significant risk to patients…" Reference: Rajiv S. Vasudevan, BS, Sean Mojaver, BS, Kay-Won Chang, MD, Alan S. Maisel, MD, W. Frank Peacock, MD, Punam Chowdhury, MD. American Journal of Infection Control. Published Online November 8,… READ MORE

Two New Studies Confirm Stethoscopes Pose Significant Risk of Infection That Novel Technology May Soon Address

November 12, 2018 - San Diego, CA.  AseptiScope®, Inc. announces it is advancing its innovative medical device to reduce stethoscope contamination that two large U.S. studies, published last week, confirm pose a significant health risk.  The two large clinical studies appearing in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) conclude that stethoscopes… READ MORE

Stethoscope Hygiene Remains Poor - New data presented at ID Week, 2018

Vasuveden RS, et al. Observation of Stethoscope Sanitation Practices in the Emergency Department. ID Week 2018 Poster Presentation from UCSD and VAMC San Diego. Despite 30 years of accrued evidence of contamination, this latest presentation at ID Week, 2018 confirms stethoscope hygiene compliance remains poor - reinforcing the need for… READ MORE

Bacterial Resistance Evolves to Alcohol Based Disinfectants

“Increasing Tolerance of Hospital Enterococcus faecium to Handwash Alcohols” has demonstrated what many have expected for some time; bacterial adaptations are challenging infection control protocols in the hospital setting. Reference:Pidot, Saha. August 2018. Volume 10, Issue 452, ear 6115. Science Translational Medicine. Link READ MORE

70-100% of Stethoscopes are Contaminated

In this recent publication, the authors reinforce that 70-100% of stethoscopes are contaminated, and a clear need exists for strategies to alter physician recognition and behavior for stethoscope disinfection. Reference:Horiuchi, Yu. September 2018, Volume 6, Issue 3, pp 120-125. Current Emergency and Hospital Medicine Reports. Link READ MORE

Hospitals Step Up The War On Superbugs

“To curb infections, hospitals are setting more rigorous hygiene standards, focusing on commonplace equipment such as stethoscopes and blood-pressure cuffs, which can collect bacteria and potentially transmit disease.” ‘I was appalled,’ Dr. Daniel Federman says, after seeing an image of the bacteria that accumulated on his stethoscope.” Reference:Lagnado, Lucette. Hospitals… READ MORE