• The San Diego start-up is launching its flagship offering, The DiskCover™ System, the first and only touch-free system to address the longstanding challenge of stethoscope contamination
  • Proceeds will support the commercialization of The DiskCover System and development of new product offerings 

April 23, 2021 San Diego, CA – AseptiScope Inc., a privately funded San Diego, California based clinical innovation company and Brookline Capital Markets, a division of Arcadia Securities, LLC, a leading healthcare-focused investment banking boutique based in New York City, announced today that AseptiScope has exceeded its Series A $5M target in a raise of $6 million.  Brookline Capital Markets acted as exclusive placement agent for the financing round.

AseptiScope’s identification of a significant gap in infection control and their evidence-based approach in developing an attractive solution for it is a truly compelling story,” said Scott Katzmann, Managing Partner at Brookline Capital Markets.  “We are pleased to play a role in bringing AseptiScope’s high-consequence innovation to the marketplace,” he added.   

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted an intense focus on infection prevention and infection control practices across the full spectrum of healthcare delivery.  In reality, healthcare associated infections are a longstanding challenge that take the lives of nearly 400,000 Americans annually in acute care and long-term care settings, and result in roughly $147 billion in direct and indirect costs.  

The stethoscope, the most frequently used medical instrument with over 5.5 billion annual auscultations in the USA alone, is commonly referred to as the “clinician’s third hand.”  It is a ubiquitous, valuable clinical tool and a symbol of the trust between healthcare providers and patients.  The stethoscope, however, is also a proven vector for disease transmission with CDC cleaning requirements that are incompatible with the intensity of stethoscope use and clinical workflow.  Recent studies reveal that stethoscopes are seldom cleaned between patients and, even when cleaning does occur, less than 4% of stethoscope diaphragms meet CDC hygiene requirements.

The DiskCover System (www.diskcover.com), the flagship product from AseptiScope, is the first and only touch-free stethoscope barrier dispensing system.  The System dispenses single-use aseptic disk covers to protect patients from exposure to harmful pathogens and contaminants on the stethoscope diaphragm.  The compact System, designed to be mounted at the patient bedside, instantly applies individual disk covers, minimizing workflow disruption while encouraging clinician compliance.  

From the outset we were impressed with the caliber of the Brookline team and their rapid embrace of the practical importance of our vision, months before the advent of COVID-19,” commented Scott Mader, AseptiScope founder and CEO.  “With their assistance, we are now well positioned to commercialize this important advance in infection control, The DiskCover System, while simultaneously investing in the future of AseptiScope,” he added.  

About AseptiScope, Inc.

AseptiScope is a privately funded San Diego, California based, clinical innovation company formed in 2016. The organization is founded and led by clinical innovation experts, leading medical researchers and practicing physicians. The AseptiScope mission is to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize novel solutions that ensure “Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient.” The company is introducing the first true solution for the longstanding challenge of stethoscope contamination: The DiskCover System.  Visit www.diskcover.com for more information.

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About Brookline Capital Markets 

Brookline Capital Markets, a division of Arcadia Securities, LLC, is a leading healthcare-focused investment banking boutique based in New York City. Brookline provides a comprehensive suite of capital markets and strategic advisory services to cutting-edge public and private life sciences, medical technology, and diagnostics companies, as well as to Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPACs”) and other emerging growth enterprises. 

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