Veterans Health Administration Innovation Specialists Evaluate The DiskCover System™ for Advanced Infection Control

January 31, 2022 San Diego, CA – AseptiScope®, Inc., a privately funded San Diego, California-based clinical innovation company, today announced the commencement of a 90-day InnoVAtion Pilot of its flagship product, The DiskCover™ System (, at the VA Medical Center and Viera Clinic in Orlando.

The stethoscope, the most frequently used medical instrument with over 5.5 billion annual auscultations in the U.S. alone, is commonly referred to as the “clinician’s third hand.” It is a ubiquitous, valuable clinical tool and an enduring symbol of the trust between healthcare providers and patients. The stethoscope, however, is also a proven vector of disease transmission, with levels and diversity of pathogens proven to be similar to those found on clinician’s hands.

The DiskCover System is the first and only touch-free stethoscope barrier dispensing system. The System dispenses single-use aseptic disk covers that are proven to protect patients from exposure to harmful pathogens and contaminants on the stethoscope diaphragm without compromising the acoustics critical for accurate diagnoses. The compact DiskCover Dispenser, designed to be mounted in or near hand hygiene stations in the clinical setting, applies individual disk covers instantly, minimizing workflow disruption while encouraging clinician compliance.

The Orlando VAMC, the fourth-largest in the country, is a member of the VHA Innovators Network, a group dedicated to ensuring that healthcare providers and veterans have access to effective, cutting edge technologies.

We are honored to be selected for this Pilot and are proud to support the clinicians committed to the health and safety of our nation’s Veterans,” said Scott Mader the CEO and Co-Founder of AseptiScope, Inc. “This initiative, a true milestone in addressing the long-standing challenge of stethoscope hygiene, gives us a powerful opportunity to document the promise that our innovation brings to everyday care in this vital patient population,” Mader added.  

About AseptiScope, Inc.

AseptiScope, Inc. (, formed in early 2016, is a privately funded San Diego, California-based, clinical innovation company. The company is founded and led by clinical innovation experts, leading medical researchers and practicing physicians. The AseptiScope mission is to design, develop, manufacture and commercialize novel solutions that offer “Infection Protection for Clinician & Patient.”  The company has launched the first true and practical solution for the longstanding challenge of stethoscope contamination: The DiskCover System. Visit for more information or to purchase directly.

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